Gift Offer Terms

iPad Offer Terms and Conditions

The iPad Mini promotion offered on: Key Man Insurance, Shareholder Protection, Partnership Protection, Relevant Life Policies and Term Policies. The offer requires you to take out a policy with a minimum premium of £129.99 per month and a policy term of at least 12 years.

If you take out a policy with monthly premiums or a policy term less than these minimums you will qualify for gift vouchers. The value of the gift vouchers will be confirmed by your adviser, but equal to twice the monthly premium of all policies taken out, rounded up to the nearest £10 providing the policy term is at least 12 years.

All gifts / vouchers should be claimed within four calendar months of the policy start date, you will become eligible to receive the iPad or vouchers to you via post after three months, provided that all monthly premiums have been collected by the insurance provider. You are under no obligation to take the voucher. One gift / voucher eligible per policy.